08 CITY ACADEMY 02-10-2014

The Etihad Campus – during it’s construction by BAM Construction Ltd in 2014 – taken at 1/3rd of a mile high




Aerial photographer specialising in producing “works in progress” photography, during the construction phase of major building sites.

Our clients are the “Blue Chip” construction and development companies.

We undertake a ‘contracts flight’ covering North West England every month providing up-to-date progress photographs of your site.

July 2013

All the images produced, are supplied on a DVD-ROM OR via electronic  DOWNLOAD –  in 2 different sizes and in 2 different Formats;

• TIFF format,  – average 71 MBytes per image – Ultra High Definition – Lossy Free – printable to BillBoard size.

JPEG format,  – average 8 MBytes per image – Ultra High Definition – re-sized to A4 – for use in emails and on web sites.  


March 2015
Etihad Campus 1st team training facility – February 2013

15 – 30 images larger sites  produce more photos.

We produce range of ‘shots’ incl. close-up and wide angle views of the site and its’ environs.   


February 2014

Client’s also have access to an on-line Project Gallery which displays the updates of their Project.  

This is accessible by your investors / developers and staff etc. for viewing the progress of the Project. 

The  on-line   Project Gallery  can also be linked back to your company website, where it can be displayed in full for visitors to view on your website.


In addition to the DVD-ROM with the digital images, we also supply you with two high gloss display prints, measuring 16″ x 12″ –  see the examples below  – which show the site from different angles and/or different perspectives.

These can then be displayed around the site offices and give you a permanent record of the progress made on the site, on a month by month basis.

aerial photographer