The new control tower at Manchester Airport – 2013 – taken at 1/3rd of a mile high – while flying up Runway 2




Aerial photography by one of Britain’s foremost specialists in the field, with over Forty years experience in aerial photography.  

Our specialty is in “works in progress” photography of major construction sites, for the vast majority of the larger construction and development companies. 

We operate a monthly  Contract Flight which covers the whole of North West England every month throughout the year.

Which takes in the area from Birmingham to the Scottish Borders and Eastwards to the Yorkshire border.  

Anchorsholme Park, surface water storage – 2015 – taken at 1/3rd of a mile high

Salford Quays – 2013 – taken at 2/3rds of a mile high

We also regularly undertake ‘one-off’ aerial photography commissions for;  architects, advertising, marketing, local authorities, and corporate clients. 

Our Ultra HD Digital large format cameras create images of the finest detail possible at a resolution of  300  ppi  (pixels per inch).

This creates a  file size of    71 MBytes   –  which can be enlarged to “Bill-Board” size and yet stays “pin sharp”.

The clarity and definition of our images and prints is unsurpassed anywhere in the UK.

Our experience has been gained in producing aerial photography of many diverse subjects, ranging from: – Marine wind farms – sports stadiums – ships at sea – bridges – and even the   “controlled demolition”   of a high rise block in Liverpool.

lcc old trafford   Old Trafford Cricket ground